King Kong Klub – JA!

artist: King Kong Klub
title: JA!
keywords: experimental, Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

It looks like the Netherlands are invading our online space of suckness, but this King Kong Klub release is too good to hold our snobbish noses up for. With its easy going and to the point lyrics (King Kong Klub) the hit single titled ‘King Kong Klub’ easily steals the show. It made me think of the rumble pop rock jolliness of the retired dutch Yoshimi! band, it has that spontaneous feel while still being tight up in delivering its ‘King Kong Klub’ message. With its 44 seconds in play length this tune impressed me like a head on a pillow; highlight must have been the great use of the stereo effect while delivering the fun lyrics.

A bit less global orientated but still very enjoyable for all with working ears is the song/tune ‘Netwerkborrel’. Yes, the song is done in the Dutch language, but after a couple of beers everyone will be able to understand the lyrics. But the most interesting thing of this track is all the things that are going on music-wise. From the early start ‘Netwerkborrel’ seems to invite the memory of Darth Vader’s theme, and the moment that the song actually sings the word ‘Netwerk’ I can’t help thinking that it sounds like the ‘Bat-man’ in the batman theme. The baseline has something joyful in the sense that it brings back memories of that legendary Devo band. You know; a good baseline! It’s a nice groovy happy show in which everybody is feeling good boozing themselves into bubbly personalities.

Another brilliant tune that deserves people to study the Dutch lyrics is
Jazz voor Intelectuelen. It’s a upsweeping energetic case of semi swing punk! It has this volume and energy to get things done, but the extra bonus strength sits in the actual meaning of the song. Jazz is for the intellectuals with the higher education who are forced to look down on all that isn’t jazz.

Hardrocker’ takes the love for the hardrocker into a celebrating song; jeans, spandex and long hair – the hardrocker is a specific kind on its own, slowly getting more to the outskirts of the music scene, still (unlike the dodo) will never be able to be extinct. This song features all that love and much more, probably hoping it might get these hardrockers back to the middle point of attention again, ready for a hug and a head-bang on a fine baseline.

Then it’s time for ‘Zaterdagavond’ and it’s a expressional piece of rock sweat and beer odors. You can smell the booze and the glorious armpits in the mosh-pit at the local bar. The music has this power and happy party vibes, a great use of the organ, guitar, rolling drums and of course the vocals who sing as they mean it. It made me think a bit of a Dutch band named zzzz, perhaps only because of the organ but also because that music brings good memories of the smell of beers, pub fights and annoying the neighborhood!

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