Quibus – Save Some

artist: Quibus
title: Save Some
keywords: electronic, ambient, pop, alternative, dreampop, electro dreaming, dance, down tempo, chill,
artist on the web: www.soundcloud.com/Quibus / http://www.facebook.com/Quibusmusic

label: Shipwrec http://www.shipwrec.org/

Wellknown Knarsetand producer ‘Martijn Holtslag’ just delivered an new release out on Shipwrec records with his moniker ‘Quibus’. It’s full of pretty things, setting Quibus’s sounds aligned with sunsets and warm pleasantness. With ‘Save Some’ Quibus teams up with vocalist/violinist Anne Bakker which resulted in amazing results! Let’ dive a bit deeper into it, shall we?


Quibus (on the right) looking at Quibus ‘save some’ on the left…)

The track named ‘Groundlove’ is doing ultimate justice to its title. It’s not a recording of dirt, sand and ground dust but it’s the sound of the ground called love. A place in which music genres are something not to be worried about, it’s the love for music that is at the most important over here. A fairly chill out guitar sets a pretty laid-back atmosphere, sparkling high notes of pure sensual love and affection; something that feels like the sound of waking up on a sunny and empty tropical beach with someone you are very close too. The track has super bass, rolling drums and special synth effects to add to the effect of romantic love making on the beach ground. A sweet trumpet serenades the whole sound like a sincere kiss on the lips! If you can’t feel the love in this music, than there must be something wrong with you.

Save Some (with GOSTO) continues this established sound of love, yet in a different zone music wise. There are vocals here, utterly romantic singing in your ears to beg you to save some nasty love for the singer. The music is armed with a steady and bold four by four base kick, hypnotizing synthesizer material that finds a nice balance between dark romantic and bewitching in a slow electronic dance way. The melodies are haunting but warm, as if this is a magic spell ready to conquer the hearts of anyone daring to tune in. In fact, I seriously consider saving some love for the singer myself so join the waiting list (if you want some..)

Breathe (with Anne Bakker) is another ticket to the tropics and the source for traveling is again the sound of love. A melody that strangely reminds of gamelan, yet isn’t- helps to give this an ethnic feel, perfect for dreaming away to the lands of the smiling sun. Thick warm round sounding bass, sweet and thick drums and sleepy vocals that feel like coming out of the mouth of Anne who’s either been whole day celebrating in the sunshine, or just woke up to see the sunrise. Dream all your troubles away’ she sings and with this music there shouldn’t be a problem doing exactly that! Lovely.

Can’t let go (again with Anne Bakker) is having this intro with a little ticker and a growling synth melody that predicts it to transform into a thick dance cracker. And indeed a kick and bass are brought in to satisfy our wishes. The music transforms into a hypnotic danceable platform with music that would easily fit being pushed through the speakers of a club. Thick synthesizers, emotional electric guitar and Anne Bakker expressing what everyone will think. ‘I can’t let go!’ She sings, which isn’t really strange as the music will have a firm grip on each who listens, although big chance she is actually referring to something else that is on her mind.

End conclusion? Pretty music, well produced, a nice exit to dream away with!
It’s released by Shipwrec which means you can find it at all the big online retailers. Here is a link to Apple shop, the banana one I’m not so sure about:

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