D.F.E.T. – Secondouble

artist: D.F.E.T.
title: Secondouble
keywords: ambient electronic i.v.martinez iam intelligent ambient music dave fuglewicz film music San Francisco
label: Aural Films http://auralfilms.com/

This album starts with pure readiness, in a single flow of consciousness the music slips the listener into a trance in which electric happenings are the twinkling goodies that kindly bounce up and down, with smooth almost toe tipping ambient that slips over it like a fitting bathrobe of pure psychedelics. With ease the music takes away the mind and sinks it into a deep alternate world in which the rules of gravity have no meaning, little board computers are the instruments of flotation and every cell of our body becomes one with this music as if it’s the finest drug trip you’d ever experience!

Now that the music had hypnotized or fair to say -intoxicated the listener; the album continues with lots of warmth and enteral audio love that not even a perfect amount of XTC could come up with. A sweet bunch of micro melodies twinkle along for a big part of this wonder of a kind trip, nicely elevated by spacious uplifting alien ambient that gets the mind easily at ease and spaced out at the same time. The music gets over a listeners’ brain like a warm blanket of the finest strangeness, slightly taking it out for further robotic examinations. But don’t worry the examination is one that unleashes the happy endorphins, being provided in a synthetic rhythm that is so trippy and psychedelic that I advise you to only listen to it when you are really ready for it; it’s as effective as the magic of magic mushrooms and there is no nasty taste!

Another memorable work is the third part on this album. Its name is ‘electronic’ and slides gently into a relaxing zone that then forms the podium for a previously unheard form of jazz. This is so bizarre, as if Coltrane had come back in electric form, being possessed and playing the jazz tunes of the future. This is done in a smoky form, as if it is being played out between mysterious clouds, trapped between space and time and done in a complete séance of pure trance!

The last part if the trip sets a scene of delicate sounding sound travel, with mysterious music pieces playing in a warm wooly blurt, strange sprinkling sensations, bubbling sources that feel like laboratory cookers, which fumes produces the source for kind hallucinations. This is the music you would be able to use as a backdrop while on those special mushrooms, kind and gentle flowing down the scene stream of happy imaginations.

The results of Dave Fuglewicz & I.v.Martinez working together are like a stand-alone drug that will avoid any chance of having a bad trip, as it explored good and pretty tripping experiences in lengthy pleasant audio forms. A recommended release for sure:

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