Tallinn Music Week​-​Estonia Sampler

artist: Various
title: Tallinn Music Week-Estonia Sampler
keyowords: Tallin, experimental,
label: Smikkelbaard https://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com

Eeter’s Unustamise Register is the perfect opener of this tiny Talinn sound compilation. It is a strange whispering of music that we are searching for, a trance like opening of voices that mumble, strange psychedelic sounds to create a scene of gothic realms, decorations of light and surrealism. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I do feel the urge to be on magic shrooms. Let’s continue this review before I will lose the plot as it’s very good!

Ekke got some ‘New Toys’.
These new toys must be really cool as when presumably listening to them you’ll be like damn; these synthetic blessings are so delicious! They sound so nicely electrifying, fresh, lovely round and thick; even a bit wet! It’s as if we are listening to electronica work produced by the greatest electronica stars of all time & god knows; maybe that is exactly the case.

Ekke’s Contact With Tallinn Surround takes us a step back into the more traditional Talinn Surround sound. It’s clearly a case that all the new toys have been shoved aside for this one, focusing more on an outside walk of humbling humming drone, something a little bit vague and minimal that will stroke you on the back like a good elderly friend whose on its way out to the grocery store.

Estoner’s Vägisammas had picked up the local spiciness and grills us a nasty sound that is totally firing up the fire inside our burning hearts of desire. Slamming gruesome guitar, raw like fresh from the ground vegetables possessed by demons from the underground are out to kill us & if you hear it you just know; being strategically and anatomically slaughtered in correctness like this is a thing that is seems to be a honorable thing to do. The music sticks us on a stick and a voice cries for is in sarcastic ways; ah don’t you love the sound of hell in the morning?

Estoner’s Hüvasti, Kosmiline Monoliit crawls up in all its powerful nastiness. The beast is alive and had now taken over your body as a vessel, fills it up with evil spirits and black magic in a snarling slow paced sacrificial episode. These guitars are killing us at their slowest; the voice spits its poisoned words like tortured spiritual vomit and the drums bang in a wonderful precision-based wonder of a headache. This music is dark, angry and will consume you completely & the thing is; you’d love to be consumed by this! It’s gruesomely awesome to be thrown into these flames of eternal burning!

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