Various Artists – A box of 78s recording

Artists: Various
title: A box of 78s recording
keywords: experimental, Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

A box of 78s recording by Various Artists on Smikkelbaard is a conceptual release, but the rebel in me refuses to read upon and acknowledge the concept. The reason is simple; I just wanted to hear it as it is: without the possibility of being influenced by written explanations, conceptual concepts and other distractions from the actual content.

And let me tell you; it was a good choice. The track is called ‘meet&greet, Leiden’ and concretely speaking it comes across as content recorded without people’s consent, secretly recorded like a spy, capturing people at their most honest, totally unaware of their voices being brought to fame, obnoxious that every cough, every stumble of sound will be locked forever on this precious piece of recorded history.

Everything seems to be taken from backstage situations, laid back or intense, almost resulting in a work of improvisational avant-garde. Don’t say there isn’t music in here, you can hear them playing in the front (as we sit in the back with drinks and our muffled hidden microphone) but the all-round feel of this recording is that it seems to record the actual atmosphere, something normally hidden from view, a lengthy and real backstage moment in which it’s easy to feel tension, humor and the relaxing people available in this private surrounding.

I believe some people might eat (I can hear some cutlery) but in all sincerity these people are calm, polite, are a bit cheery and probably excited; this recording records the time and the place almost as it is, including feelings, air, void & unclear conversations. All in all a perfect release for the peeping Tom, spies, music freaks and fans who like to peek a bit further than stage antics.
If this interests you, or simply needs some people around while floating in a lonely floating tank; than please don’t hesitate to check it out at the following link:

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