Various Artists – Sobre Cintas

artist: Various
title: Sobre Cintas
keywords: argentina experimental experiemental improvisation jazz and improvised music noise Argentine
label: Adaptador Records

“Sobre Cintas is an eclectic compilation of audio files where the only line that links each selected audio is the use of the magnetic recording as sound recording mode. // “

– I have no idea what this exactly means.. Are each and every track recorded with a magnet? Whatever the technique it is that is used for this compilation, they all seem to hang their diverse sound and music activities in a nice lo-fi vibe. So no need to sit next to a fire, as the dust in these recordings are already cozy as hell! The compilation is huge and very diverse, you wont be bored that’s for sure!
Here is a little track by track description for your convincing purposes:

Alma Laprida – Not sorry about Jethro Tull (2016)
Here is a nice fuzzy fuzz, some folksy cowboy is trying to sing and play through it but is happily out smothered by the fizzy fizz sound; good job as nobody likes country music around here. No offense; just doesn’t suck enough!

Tecnoladem – Coya Ladem (2000)
This is a nice loopy work, a rhythm and oddities. Might it be a new genre; Rhythm & oddities. It’s very cozy though even that the oddities are fairly experimental moving from industrial sounds into something that resembles a freaky organ. The overall layer of lo-fi pleasantness seals the deal for me. It’s a playful jazzy improvisation electronica at its open minded surrounded by a steady rhythmic flow.

Emiliano Herrera – 1988 (2005)
More love and crappy lo-fi sound quality brings the niceness into the great occupation zones, and that’s what this track seems to do as I’m temporary doing a poop on the toilet while listening. Yes, I know; who needs details? But I can tell you the comforting melodic mélange of 1988 makes the poop experience one of pure delight and comfort.

After a flush and a wipe in back into our professional listening space; don’t worry even washed my hands! Can you see how clean and hygienic these words are?

Valentina Spina – Sobre sobre cintas (2016)
This is a nice audio work, a collage perhaps, it feels like music from the past strangely sipping through the future through perhaps some strange DIY made time machine. We can even hear some people talk, what language it is in and are they connected to the music? Is that a traditional violin playing? Oh my gosh are we in France? Frank Sinatra? Wine and cigarettes? Stuff sets the mind on a trip!

Lopez – Espectrum (2015)
This is so lovely and nice, sweet and delicious as well. Think of classic old school pop grandmothers listened when they had been young girls; it has this old style vibe that makes me think of the expression ‘the good old days’. But as it’s made in 2015 it is clear that young girls are listening this who would be grandmothers of the future! And that means that strange enough, that the good old days are actually happening now as we read and write. Weird, eh?

Crakin Guitar (Fabián Racca) – China la chacarera (1997)
This is indeed the sound of a cracking guitar, but not just the sound it is also actually being played! And how it is played is short groovy funkadelic lonely and sweet!
How nice it is!

Tape Loop Collective – &Trom (2015)
It’s good to hear this Tape Loop Collective at work as somehow it gets you there. Where? Well in that special place of trance. It’s very gently moving along exposing respective loops like they are the most precious delicate gifts in the entire world. Listening to this makes it truth enough to swallow all words and enjoy the magical trip of kind humble loops and the magic of repetition.

Convulsia Darklove – Adelaide Hides Emptiness – one take acoustic session – bedroom tape recording (2016)
It is to me a very happy meet again to hear Convulsia Darklove singing on this compilation. Even though Convulsia Darklove owns a controversial sound somehow here it is the voice of reason! It not only stands out, it also makes the compilation suddenly a bit more human; so good to hear!

Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – 681 (2016)
With a digital cowbell and a sweet lo-fi feel loopy relaxing beat our hero throws in a kind and interesting sound parade that might as well be described as an interesting sound collage. There is a lot to be heard; from strange noises that somehow made me think of bowling machines, ludicrous chill pill melody, people talking and perhaps a snorting dialing old school telephone? It is all a guess, but that’s what makes this audio puzzle so entertaining.

Alan Courtis – Cintaxis de Cromo (2016)
Another originality on this compilation is this one by Alan, it is difficult to describe but I think of a weird dream, something Dorothy from the wizard of Oz would dream up. A little windy in a balloon, a Calvary trumpet blown out in the distance and red shoes… Are we not in Kansas anymore?

The Dolar Compre$ors – El favorito (2016)
El favorito might trick people at first, sounding like a deep long drone in which you feel like you have no job other than putting up the volume for a better hearing experience. Once you did the actual song starts to play and it’s somehow making me think of large hats in the sun, alcoholic potions with worms inside and a big smile from a larger than life personality! He must be our new ‘el favorito’!

Pablo Reche – Odios (2016)
This is one of the more ‘take no prisoners’ sounding tracks on this collection. It’s industrial, trippy, weird; i got to think of sitting on a forever flushing toilet with a third eye so wide open that it could fly through the bathroom walls.

Ø+yn – Un propietario asesinado en la estepa (2014) 05:12
This track nicely scrapes in the scrap metal for a warm and kind trip episode based on whatever the artist had brought in for us to hear. The directed collage is nicely moving,rattling chains, iron boards, coffee cups, goth knows what we are being served over here! And who cares really? It’s the results that counts and they are ‘intoxicating’ in a very nice and gentle way.

Marcela Ortíz – Manifestación por el tarifazo 19.50hs-Rosario-14-07-2016
This is coming across as a radio play, a hearing story among two people having a expressional conversation while walking around. Some criminal activity might have been done, telephones are being made and if you don’t speak their language it’s a nice session of funny sounding weirdos speaking in dada forms.

Archivo Franco Falistoco Araya – 1 – Clip Ghost in the Shell (1995)
More word play of this kind can be heard over here in this shirt track. I’m not very sure what it is about but I do think that the last voice sounds a bit like an alien.

FFFF – Nuberian (2014)
Music prevails and returns thanks to the wonderful playful melodic expression of FFFF with electric and acoustic guitar. The result is sublime, making hairs go up as the music screeches itself into our little presence. Convulsia Darklove might have brought the humanity into this compilation with her voice, FFFF does this fair enough in expressional music form!

Archivo Falistoco Araya – 2 – Pasen y Vean FM TL 105 – Germinal en campaña – Llamados (1997)
I’m not really sure what is going on over here at this part of the compilation but this track is sounding like an almost identical flashback to the earlier discussed audio play credited to ‘Marcela Ortíz’. It makes me feel like I’m demented and forgetful or simply in a state of confusion; was this supposed to happen?

Shaun Robert -Ð?N~[? (2016)
But luckily Shaun’s track is here to save us from insecure lunacy with secure sounds of lunacy. This artist is flushing all panic away with a distinct sound of vaporization; it’s as if the artist threw all the previous heard tracks in a high pressure water pump and now happily squirts it all out in a exclusive new way! No more guessing what conversations are about as Shaun Robert demolishes them for the greater good! Oh and it sounds refreshing too!

What an end and what an interesting compilation. Time went really quick with this one, with lots of diversity and creativity and the occasional madness. If you are in need for weird entertainment as a soundtrack you might tune in over here:

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