Alex Spalding – Big Star’s ‘13’ (cover)

Artist: Alex Spalding
title: Big Star’s ‘13’ (cover)
keywords: acoustic, singing, video,

People who had honored this space by coming back at regular times, might know that Alex Spalding is a very important writing music reviewer on this blog of suckness. Some might even know that Alex is also an excellent music maker, ex noise-joy label runner, Houdini, friendly friend, graphic artist/gif animator, interviewer, poop creator, urinator, rhythm specialist, singer, ex-smoker, historic history researcher and all-round source for love and knowledge.

We have discussed his music materials over here, from the excellent music with his band ‘material action’ to Alex’s solo works as ‘Alex Spalding’. If you have followed these outputs, read about them or heard the living shit out of them music-wise, you will probably know that the music by Alex (and projects) are all of a electronic kind; you know bleeps and bloops, synthesizers, rhythm boxes and chloroforms.

…But today I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase a side a lot of people (especially the regular readers) aren’t aware off; a more hidden side of Alex Spalding. Yes, I’m talking about a side of Alex Spalding that you might not have seen or heard of before! *Apparently (if the YIKIS research team didn’t do any f*ckups) Alex is also able to sit down and play acoustic guitar while singing a fragile sounding song. Alex is also able to do this while showcasing a very fine pair of legs! You don’t believe me? Here is a video of Alex Spalding like you have never seen or heard before:

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2 Responses to Alex Spalding – Big Star’s ‘13’ (cover)

  1. linda says:

    Yes, he is so diverse! So complex and mysterious. Introvert and extrovert, in constant battle with himself, can he touch himself or not…

    I’ll stick to the electronic recordings and reviews 🙂 Some material action to kick the week, sounds like a plan!

  2. kainobuko says:

    Hahaha :-))

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