Ozric Tentacles

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Keywords: Cosmic Psychedelic Rock that Melts your Face away!
Reviewer: Alex Spalding


Tonight, we’re gonna be talking about some serious stuff. Like… you just… you don’t know yet, there’s just no way, and I’m stumbling through this introduction just trying to find the right word or something to key you in here, like…

… just…

… I don’t know… get ready for this, or something…

… hold on to your… whatevers… or, no, it’s like… there’s nothing to hold onto man, I don’t know why I said that, aahhh! We’re gonna be ripping through the cosmos so hard, like… you’re gonna wish there was a seatbelt or something, but like… there’s nothing like that here. Shit, I’m just gonna…

… yeah, there. You checking this out?

Like, I just had to mention the Ozric Tentacles over here, because like… they’re so great.

Ahhh!!! Check this track out, though, too. It’s one of my faves, forever…

… right!?!?

It’s like, to the uninitiated, this is the ultimate in cosmic head-stuck-up-your-own-ass music. But, to really appreciate it you’ve gotta get your head out of your own ass and realize, man, that this is actually some pure, fun, awesome music to listen to while you’ve got your head in your ass. It’s waaaay beyond that, even, though; it’s, like… it’s like, if you dropped some street acid and noticed that your head was totally lodged up your own ass, so you pulled your head out of the ass and looked around and, holy shit dude, you realized your head was still in a freaking ass! So, you kept pulling your head through ass after ass, and every time your chin’s about to pop through the next sphincter you think, man… this has got to be the last ass.


But, the universe is just one big ass. There’s no end. Look around you. Your head’s in that, right now… we are speaking here, and we’re all connected to each other, and we’re in this giant ass… an ass that stretches further than anyone can see.

And, what happens when someone takes a dump? I don’t even wanna think about it. I guess maybe that could be a metaphor for like, when life hands you lemons. Whoa, man… who’s hands are those!? And, how’d they manage to smuggle lemons in here!? I guess you can’t complain about that, it’s doing something for the scent.

Check this one out:

Metaphors within metaphors.

Anyways… bye, for now. I hope you enjoyed this. One day, some day, I really hope I can catch this band live or something. That would be really cool. Bye.

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