Vacation Forever – Mid Ohio At Midnight

artist: Vacation Forever
title: Mid Ohio At Midnight
keywords: indierock rock emo mathrock postpunk Columbus

A Vacation Forever is a bit like Hell but then without the eternal pain of being in the flames. Don’t get me wrong there might be flames around, but it would be more of a happy camper fire, or the one inside a barbeque. Still having a Vacation Forever is a very long time, does that mean we will still appreciate each and every vacation day as if it is our last? Might we still remember how it will be when we didn’t have a vacation?

You know what, of course having a vacation forever is pretty long, but if that is possible (and even though we might not appreciate it anymore…) it is still a mother*cking vacation forever; and that is in all fairness a very good thing! No worries, no more work and somehow money enough to afford it all. It’s a happy thing… in fact the hell might be that it will be happiness FOREVER!

This band named Vacation Forever’ captures this ‘happy to be on vacation’ vibe a great deal, perhaps more focusing on the feeling of the start of the vacation: the excitement, the moments of realization that we’d left work behind and that good times are just about to start! Vacation Forever plays into this concept with their instruments being in general quick, uplifting and reasonably speedy! Even the voice that provides the singing is positive, acknowledging that ‘we made it out alive’and that its now times to enjoy the positivity of forever having a vacation.

The riff raff electric guitar, the drums and the bass are doing their ultra-best of smothering a fierce amount of positivity in your face, there are no dark clouds here on our eternal vacation; every day a sunny one! The quick and uplifting effective melodies are a bit rough at times, but always up and severely happy. It’s that sparkly upbeat attitude of vacation that really leads the lead over here!

There are moments that the vacation forever takes a step down, relaxes a bit to showcase that their vacation sound is also pretty sweet and able to bring some kind of relaxation, but it never turns long as with Vacation Forever it is the adrenaline of having a vacation (forever) that seems to be the main attraction! They will push the positivity down your throat and ears, marking that the release isn’t ‘forever’ (unless you like to play it on repeat forever…) so they simply give it to you all in a fair amount of short time! Pretty up material that’s for sure!

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