Knolios – Mystic Snail

artist: Knolios
title: Mystic Snail
keywords: electronic, experimental, idm, ambient, dubtechno, minimal, techno
label: PicPac

Deep in dub with the bass that is ‘Soft’ the first track on this free downloadable audio work by Knolios. On ‘Soft’ the lack of dub bass is made up for with lots of woozily wuzzess wooling all over the steady beat. They will be warm, rounded and probably not too heavy for first time sound-cosmonauts!

Ian Curtis’ also is performed in minimal needs but with big deeds. The mood of Ian Curtis is warm, half empty, half full; cool like a glass of milk. Strange squeaky noises can be heard in the back (is that Bubbles the monkey?) and spiritual mystique drone mysteries in the front; it’s a track hearable from the back and the front, how multifunctional and deep it is!

Oh and then the pleasure really starts as its TECHNO TIME! Oval’ brings in bass and beat in super tightness, forming the red carpet that leads to a state of hypnotic dance trance! At first it seems that only the necessary things are being brought out, but half way in the track will surprise as it all turns hypothetically in 4D surreality. It’s as if 2 tracks are being mixed against the stream for ultimate odd trip purposes: Acid for the acid-less & acid for the lucky ones who are actually on it.
It will get freakier, making me personally think of baby chicks popping out of electric eggs, twisting us in a psychedelic cycle of pure dance music! When a mild dreamy melody plops out of nowhere the music becomes a techno-heaven!

The last part ‘Mystic Snail’ is more for the after party, to provide music for the incredibly wasted, the psychedelically tripped out dancers that needs the tempo of the mystic snail to return slightly back to their senses. It feeds electric rhythms on a bed of spacious odd electronic slimy technology! Don’t leave a trace!

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