OtaMikeCore – WCMIXTAPE_VolumeOne

artist: OtaMikeCore
title: WCMIXTAPE_VolumeOne
keywords: OtaMikeCore, Easy Listening, ambient, experimental, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lo-bit
label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Chilling and listening to this mixtape is a match among the greatest. A perfect one in which melodic pieces will great you in a slightly bizarre way. Let me try to explain it to you; these fine loving chill-out melodies do their ultimate best to perform for you, yet somehow they will fall over and over again. But with each fall (or forces removal?) they come back stronger and stronger. They will rise and will not be beaten, even though something keeps trying to keep it down.

This might be weird in text form, but in the release it actually helps the music quite a lot; not only does it gets stronger each time it forcibly had fallen into the ground, the whole ‘fight’ for music and anti-music equals that this release will not bore you one inch. It isn’t a continues flow of mellow melodies (which could turn into a sleepy thing) but a struggle with pretty melodies as the winning survivors.

Think banana peels that the melodies slip out over, or perhaps a stage manager with a stick pulling the music makers off stage; but the music always returns bolder and better! There is one moment on this release that the fall got rather deeply, perhaps all the way into hell; you could hear a Satan like personality laugh at its arrival; but even deep down there the music returns by delivering the most precious sounding trumpet piece ever heard in the Devil’s headquarters!

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