Sam and the Womp – Fireflies (EP)

artist: Sam and the Womp
title: Fireflies (EP)
keywords: pop, brass, ska, dream, positivism, electronic, trumpets
label: Womp Records

We have been to the premiere of Sam and the Womp’s Fireflies single, (lots of free booze, trumpets trumpeting in both ears & a lot of flying glow worms) and now weeks later we finally have recovered from the party… Now that we have reached the state of soberness again, it would be a great time to seriously look at the single inside the goody bag!


a happy girl with the Sam and the Womp goody bag

There it was a beautiful ‘Fireflies’ single with stunning slick design of artwork as the cover; so stunning that it almost made us all think more of a stunning wasp, then a glowing fly. With greatness and surprise the Fireflies single was not just a single track but an EP of 6 tracks! Reason enough to dip a feather in some ink-pot and write a little report about it.


writing a review/report

All the way up front, with its pounding beats and a super baseline that must be heard through loud loudspeakers & headphones (sometimes even at the same time!) we can find the original single.
This is the Sam and the Womp hit that we all love, with trumpets that will raise the roof, and sharp pop-delicious vocals and words from the glowing light that is Bloom, the songstress who rides the Womp as if it’s a wave of the sea and she a seasoned sailor. Fireflies has so much hit potency that even fireflies with broken wings would suddenly grow them back, if exposed to this upwards material.
What follows is a club mix, which sounds fairly close to the original, minus that it seems to be more catered for deejays that are in drastic need to mix the tune with other tunes in their collection. Noting this, I wonder why they would need other records? -Just two Sam and the Womp ‘Fireflies’ Club mixes would be great enough to mix into each-other until the club will reach its closing time…


mixing the same club mix into the same club mix

The craziness of such a luxurious EP is that it also contains an instrumental version of the ‘Fireflies’ tune, meaning that if you are one of these people with karaoke-tendencies that you are able to use this to sing with your own voice on top of these sounds. I doubt it will be sounding as great as the original, but as long as you do it while showering there might be a chance that it will sound okay.
But who knows, the instrumental might also be for the music analysts underneath us; the people who love music and want to know how it all sounds while they stroke their chins and stick their heads into it as if it’s a science. If that is you than this ‘instrumental’ version will for sure be your source of shiny homework.


Karaoke time!

For me personally the fun starts with the remixes, which starts with a DJ Halo remix that remixes ‘Fireflies’ into a delicious 2 step garage-sale style new kind of work. It really dips the whole sound in a London-kind of feel, making it the material you would hear on underground radios and pirate stations! Ahoy!
Then there is the Basically remix (radio edit) which ‘basically’ is a very good remix. I love it when people know what a remix is, and actually remix the original into an almost new thing. It’s like the core is the same, but the coat around it is different. The result of this specific remix gives me goosebumps; it is deliciously playful with electric positivism super glued to the funky new bass, along with a housey steady beat & percussion. It ‘basically’ means that nobody will be able to sit still, you got to wobble your assess until it catches fire like a true bunch of happy fireflies!
The last part is the Basically remix without thinking of the overrated deejays occupying the deejay desks at radio stations. The tune is a bit more spacious, super fun & spunky! Hot enough to dip your behind in a bucket of water when the EP has done its work, that’s how hot it is!

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