Shurayuki-hime – Yubari Gogo

Artist: Shurayuki-hime
title: Yubari Gogo
keywords: electronic harshnoise wall United Kingdom

A very nice day you can make when you play Yubari Gogo by Shurayuki-hime on your ears while slowly sipping a beer in the sunshine. It might be a controversial thing to do as many people would say you should listen in the darkness, with grim faces and perhaps hanging in some kind of depressive void, but no, I think it really fits a summer-kind of day.

The sound is harsh and crackling, it also sounds very warm and deep; it forms a stable layer on the ears, something to build on, feel solid about. I think that this is one of these kind of releases that unstable people need, as this sound finally delivers some stability in our freaked out lives.

Sitting in the sun and the ears filled up by this delicious wall, is for sure a relaxing thing to do and hear. its no real wonder that the extremely limited tape is all sold out, but luckily that means you can go over to the link and hear this summer album for free:

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