Bloque del Sur – Periferia

artist: loque del Sur
title: Periferia
keywords: dembow experimental reggaeton cumbia e.b.m ebm electroacoustic electronic body music free form industrial italo tropical bass Argentina
label: Pakapi Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Time for an electronic beat, and nothing beats hearing music with an actual beat to beat the beat-less-times away. This release starts with Diagrama which perfectly beats the silence by indeed delivering that beat. It’s a weird experience to me, as at first glance (and at many glances in between) I thought it would turn into the popular 90’s hit ‘The Macarena’ in industrial forms… Don’t know, might have to do something with the percussions, although the ‘night rider theme’ that also pops up on this beat orientated beater of a track, does its ultimate best to beat the Macarena vibe away and out of it.

Then it’s time for a track named ‘Giro’ which brings in of course more beat. If Michael Jackson would still be alive and would sit here next to me, he would probably jump up and do an automatic moonwalk while saying ‘beat it’. The percussive vibe in this track still seems to knit on that Macarena & Night-rider vibe, but it does its best to turn into another road by delivering loud door bangs, and softly played baselines and encouraging voices on top of that… uh.. beat.

What’s next is of course more electronic beat-music. This time it seems to be finally shaken off the alternative Macarena vibe and replaces it with something more cool, perhaps a bit dark, yet not too dark. It’s music that keeps soldering on top of the beat, while synthesizer material and rhythmic aspects will set the mood of beating on. This release will not go away from the beat, so if you need one; this one is hard to beat!

All the way at the end is one track that will surprise you as it comes with …. A beat. There are also more sinister underground bubbles of darker synthesized material shoveling around that beat; it even gets more fiercely and a bit more nastier with electronic materials that will turn this ‘Intercomunicador’ into something more special. Of course with a title like this, there are some communications to be heard, but most prominent available here (and on the other three tracks) is of course uh that beat… It’s all about the beat!

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