Braghsdn & Globoscuro – Imperfectus Ellipsis (2016)

artists: Braghsdn & Globoscuro
title: Imperfectus Ellipsis (2016)
keywords:ambient, experimental, abstract, avant-garde, manipulation, experimental music, musique concrète, noise, tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, globoscuro, emiliano pietrini, braghsdn, angel sanchez cervera, victor gibello bravo, dark ambient, drone, electroacoustic, performance art, cinematic, alternative, orchestral, new age, psychedelic, field recording, darkambient, melodic ambient, acousmatic, hortus conclusus records

When you allow this free downloadable album to play, you’ll be instantly surrounded by some strange surroundings. Strange seagulls are moaning and sea creatoures with deep vocal chords hum directly into both of your ears. There might even be a lost soul of a drummer within this strangeness, drumming these drums while weightlessly circulating around in this weird dream.

But don’t worry it only gets weirder, more abstract; an exposure of strange creatures, electric aliens, rattling earth things, bussy dream catchers and bicycle spikes with rattles on it; what is this strange world that we can hear here in this free release? Where is this recorded and who’s legs have been attached to shackles? *So many questions you really shouldn’t ask; its better to just see it as a sound show as if you really believe this is the sound of another world (which it probably is!) you might get struck into a panic triggered by the unknown.

I mean in this world, cats buzz, opera ladies are singing inwards sucking up their own performances, strange demonic preachers are putting their best efforts to possess you with a collection so different that it might kind of freak you out a little. I know it did with me… Pretty music is made terrifying, and the whole material is like a bizarre movie full of nonstop exposure of things you probably not expect to hear after one and another.

At one moment deep in this release you might think it’s some kind of mega computer brain that we are listening too, something that had collected all these strange snippets of sounds, from guitar solos, to under water boats, alienating electrics, avant-garde piano and old time announcers rattling in speedy ways before being splashed out all over the sound premises into toxic messes.
Perhaps this huge data and audio collecting mega mind had gone out of control, spreading out its knowledge and captivations out in most particular ways, or perhaps this is exactly how a mega brain sounds like from the inside out.
Maybe this is the right answer, as half way this exposure of what seems an incredible intelligent form of madness the audio seems to calm down, creating a nicely shimmering comfort zone that is still bizarre, but also very neat and relaxable. It’s like listening to the mega brain bubbling about in a secret laboratory.

At the end it even gets calmer, as if laboratory employees have walked in and the mega brain stopped manipulating the objects in the lab with its mental powers. A form of calm drone instead takes over, something that is full mystery, something that simply touches the objects more politely not to frighten the employees or alert them of how power full this mega brain must be…
What a great sound exposure, really worth to throw your head in!

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1 Response to Braghsdn & Globoscuro – Imperfectus Ellipsis (2016)

  1. Globoscuro says:

    Infinite thanks for this flattering and wonderful review guys!! I am deeply honored!! And sincere congratulations for the wonderful work you are all doing!! Cheers!!!! 🙂 😉

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