Jan Strach – Jan Pierwszy Starszy

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Jan Pierwszy Starszy
Keywords: rock casio experimental lo-fi netlabel day odd meter polska progressive Poznań

Jan Strach had been searching for style, his own style, even though everything that we have heard from Jan Strach certainly had its own distinctive unique style, the artist now claims that he found it and made an album with it. This style of Jan Strach is difficult to pin down with words, but you can bet that he does pin it down with the brand new songs and tunes on his original sounding album.

He will let you dive in a pop scene in which the recordings are seemingly wonky, edgy, pinky or simply experiments of the order of surprises. With his voice pure and the music that surrounds it like a firm digestion of a triple shot of vodka. It’s as if you are having it all under control while your actual body is trying to destabilize the concepts of gravity and all that you had learned previously.

Jan Strach his found style is one that rattles and shakes, humbles you down and wipes you up. If you look deep down in the dictionary for the word ‘original’ you will see Jan Strach waving at you with a flag, keyboard, microphone and a smile. Perhaps he is even showing you this very release as a sign of it being the one in which he had endorsed his very own style.

The music on each track is very diverse, taking up different moods and elements, yet they all have one prominent thing in common; Jan Strach his sincerity. Either if he calmly sings and soothes with a impressive sounding ‘Kapelusz [and a Hat]’ or wipes up the happy side of energetic lo-fi punk rock pop with’Arena Zwariowanych Wrotkarzy Kreci Sie w Koło [Arena Of Crazy Rollerskaters Is Spinning Round]’ he is in both expressions at home like a fish in water.

Jan Strach knows how to deliver pop as if it had come out of a VHS rental store, covering the genres with his specific sounding personality and colorful sounds. He manages to deliver the sound of the extraordinaire in a way that it is understandable, superbly new, sentimental, passionate, (romantic even!) full of the best of what the music maker has to offer!

If you like to hear music that doesn’t inspire with ideas and creativity then you better not hear this as this album is simply a orgasmic source of ideas and originalities. Each song, each track shows a brand new one, easily making it hard to say ‘this is my favorite’ as there will always be another ‘favorite’ track on this album. It’s truly the album to feel inspired by, sweet pop , lo-fi folk and weirdo punk and ballads like you have probably not thought you could hear them before! This Very original album is not only good fun to hear but also a great source for inspiring inspiration!

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