Luna Arakawa – Blood Ballad

Artist: Luna Arakawa
title: Blood Ballad
keywords: classical, modern classical, compositional, piano, improvisation,canadian experimental abstract avant-garde classical contemporary classical improvisation improvised improvised music modern classical piano piano solo Toronto

This is the first piano solo album by Luna Arakawa, formerly known as p0stm0rtem / Luna Seaux. And that is certainly no lie! Luna plays throughout 6 self-made compositional wonders clearly her heart out. She does this through her fingers hitting the piano keys like toe-tipping butterflies that land and fly and land all over again.

It’s a cooperating with her mind, speed, lightness, heaviness and emotion, she clearly uses the instrument as a piece of her extensional self; sometimes rolling over it as if her hands are actually replaced by a the tentacles of a large octopus with a late century’s composer wigs on top her head.

Her expressions in piano form, the balance of super light chamber music and piano explosions that will make you almost fall of your comfortable seat is one that keeps this album in the awake-zone. This is not some easy back drop music, but music that will keep the vibe fresh; sometimes jumping up front to make sure you know that there is an excellent composer at work over here!

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