irrlicht project – rotten orange

artist: irrlicht project
title: rotten orange
format: digital / floppy
keywords: lobit, experimental, hardcore, electronic, noise, digital punk, happy
label: 4m@
artist website:

Irrlicht Project is always on my mind; what is he doing, what kind of calculators he is been reprogramming in order to take over the entire world? Which micro chips he eats on a Sunday and how much motor oil gets him in the mood for a wild party?

Sometimes I think he has been living a life in my own imagination, hopping from one side of the brain into another one, like a strange super hero going on electrifying adventures. Luckily there is lots of proof out there that Irrlicht Project is indeed in fact a real identity within this real reality.

One of the many proofs his the actual music output of Irrlicht Project, something that you can try to cover yet you will be sure that he will have music out and about on places you’d hardly guess or know. That’s the kind of producer and person Irrlicht Project is; a mystery and yet out there for all if us to see and hear! And you know what I have no shame in saying that I love Irrlicht Project! He is one of these underground personalities that are hard not too love!

To use that power of ‘love’ in combination of doing something ‘good’ I thought to tell you about Irrlicht Project’s first floppy release (available for free download!!!)
It’s a very energetic one, super loaded with a pounding kick and sweeping electronic base whoop that certainly turns even the stiffest face into a tight happy squeeze.
It’s as if hardcore music is made out of sunshine, nicely lighting up the atmosphere until….

…until Irrlicht Project’s game machine love speaks out in punkish ways; the knobs are turned, the megabytes are intoxicated with hyperbolical madness that gets the ears ripped open in certain unexpected ways. Don’t let anyone tell you that Irrlicht Project is predictable in any way, as that’s the point of the Project; it will deliver the massive hardcore stompers in extreme experimental harsh and happy ways!

Next to the previously attempted to be described ‘Rotten Orange’ the release also features ‘Oranges not Apples’ which is much more muffled, more down to earth, catering the psychologic patients that are a tiny bit far out of it. It doesn’t take very long (which is a petty!) but is good as long as it lasted! I guess the floppy provocateur Irrlicht Project prefers energy above mental medication! And this is a great example of how such a thing works out!

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