Lidane Livering – Final Reports

artist: Lidane Livering
title: Final Reports
keywords: electronic experamental industrial industrial ambient ambient Holstebro

Need to upgrade yourself with something exciting electronic and dark? You might want to launch the Final Reports done by Lidane Livering in your ears. It’s as if you are one of the assimilated drones freshly joined the Borg as newly found communal fast heartbeats are repeatedly pounding through your body. As a collective there will be no power failure, no unsaturated safety hazards for our own kind & plenty of stability.

As a new formed member of the Borg all individualism must be eliminated, so breathe all you want before the community makes it all stop in order to fully integrate in the robotic dancers that this collection is so rich off. Industrial dancing might not be seen as a harmful thing; but as a member we will do this for hours and hours; unforgiving dance sensation in communal forms!

Once all self-identity is shred to pieces and only the sound of distorted rhythms have completely taken over any private thinking capabilities; the transformation has been a success! Now even more wicked and insane mechanically harsh robot moves can be made on the alternative dance floor; all in sync, dangerously strong and focused.

Don’t worry when all said and done the life that this release has to offer isn’t unkind, it will also give you time to regenerate, relax while the music updates the latest software in the head, and the mystery of greater darkness are revealed in your last bit of humanoid memory sections. Of you are lucky a little glitch in the process might reveal deliciously sweet memories of your previous human life, something with little breezes, soft romantic rain on a window and integrating lovable melodic thoughts. Final Report? Do you prefer the life of a cold hearted dancing robot or be a human individual with a soul full of memories? This release brings you the feeling of both!

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