Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 4

artist: Various
title: Seippelabel Vol. 4
keywords: experimental scotland south korea ambient daegu experimental electronic Beijing
label: Seippelabel

“Seippelabel Vol. 4 showcases artists currently living in Beijing, those who have since left the city, and those abroad.” It starts with the great grand opening of a track done by Lastboss named 制裁 Sanctions. It feels as massive doors are being swung open to reveal a forbidden temple, some voice swiftly guides us mysteriously through the premises while a deep organ plays for the right grand effects.

Once inside its æϣ ‘s月坛 Temple of Moon that will make us more relaxed and semi-at home. The music is nice and slow in rhythmic pleasure, with warm tones and little winkling electrodes and sweet muffled claps. It feels like we have arrived at the safe place in which we can drink tea while seated on the floor and maybe eat some sushi with little chopsticks; anything light really! At the end the track feels as if we are being re-energized, our human-life battery quickly refilled.

Dazed Marrow’s 在街道漂浮 Floating through the Streets does honor its title. The music is warm with wonderful ambient strings, a soothing lazy electric rhythm that fits passing through empty street sceneries that are the opposite of busy. It must be a street in Pompeii, or perhaps it is siesta time and all people are asleep except Dazed Marrow and us listeners…

More of a lovely time is being brought by 杨文亮 wen liang ‘s 早上 Morning. A super relaxing and friendly piece of music that feels good in the ears and heart. There is a nice Asian vibe in the melody, very innocent and lovable. It also comes with a cute beat with a nice shaker making it one of these track that certainly describes the feeling of ‘happiness’ and a nice day! So lovely even the birds sing happily in approval!

盛迪 dee ’s 间谍实验室 Spy in the Lab comes also across exactly as the title suggest. Lots of strange labarotoria sounds, a cool groovy electronic beat to enhance the excitement of the spy’s secret activities. It seems like the spy has to do ‘mission impossible-style’ moves to end its mission successfully, but with a groovy and exciting rhythm brought in this tune; it for sure will work out fine!

then its time for dMH’s 坏电池蓝调 bad battery blues which is energetic, a loosely beat bouncing in a nice speed with synthesizer galore overdosing us into the zones of happy technology. The music becomes like an orgasmic epic-center of melodic hypnotism full of energy and life. A greater end for this compilation could not have been created! Feel good and check it out over here:

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