Furchick – Bre

artist: Furchick
title: Bre
keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dogpark

Furchick didn’t tell anyone that she was set to give birth to a new creation, she had kept it a secret until her young new born child was out in all its beauty. As every happy mother would do, she showed with proudness her new creation on social media, she did this not just to show of how beautiful the new kid was, but also because the child had no name!

Everyone jumped in on the name boat, throwing up suggestions based on the very first baby-photo that’s how cool Furchick’s following is.

Angie Mason thought of the name ‘Sprunger’,
Scott Lewis kindly thought of ‘Clairemonator’ after first thinking of orgasmooooooootron..
Ash Ley hoped the kid would grow some googly eyes and be named ‘HornBre.
Mark Wallbank suggested the name BreadnCDracker, which is a rather unconventional name, right?
I.v. Martinez the alien kindly thought of ‘Otherworlderizer’.
But Chrissie Caulfield dropped the right name for the new born creation:”Bre”.

Welcome to this world, Bre!
Big congratulations to the lucky mother and child from the entire crew of YIKIS.
When will the visiting hours be?


New born Bre (on the left) and proud mum Furchick (on the right)

Everyone wants to know and see the adorable Bre, but as most of Furchick’s friends are sound people they are also very interested in how the new person would sound like. Luckily Furchick has recorded Bre while playing around and doing the Bre-thing. How adorable and cute it is, it really warms everyone’s heart hearing the innocence of such a new born creation.
How lovely it is to hear Bre playing, the first baby like Bre sounds, jumping up and down of pure pureness with no harmful sound in its boneless body. Don’t you wish all young visitors would be a bit more like Bre? Bre doesn’t wine, just seems to entertain and play calmly in its own little baby world.
So adorable and so cute… Hear Bre’s first ‘words’ over here:

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