Id M Theft Able – “A ♥ Named Spooky”

artist: Id M Theft Able
title: A ♥ Named Spooky
keywords: dating, romance, ballads, experimental, friendship, friendly,

OKcupid is a dating site that probably is named after the ‘okay’ sign people in the old days would give to the flying curly Cupid, who then would use his little bow to shoot an arrow of love inside a partner of your choice his or her’s butt. Ah, the good old days. Now that Cupid is long dead and people are forced to suffer by searching and subscribing the online dating community for a partner, lover, shag, wife, husband, or (yes!) simply a friend. It might be a friend with be benefits, or a more regular one… Or perhaps Id M Theft Able.

Id M Theft Able has a profile that is fiercely standing on the dating site. His profile is one clearly an expression of love and care, popular with the ladies as well as all the sexualities that humans have assigned themselves. Even though Id M Theft Able has a full photo shoot of pictures featured somewhere on his page, a set in which he wears his most finest and intensely expensive wedding gown that will make everyone thinking of him being pure wedding material, Id M Theft Able seems to mainly just want to be your friend. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would just be Id M Theft Able’s friend?
To proof that the friendship that Id M Theft Able is offering isn’t some kind of joke, he includes a very charming gift on his profile (don’t worry, no nude photos!) . His newest album!! And because the possible friend wants only the best for you and this friendship he gives you the chance to download all the lovely songs for free. If you really like it and want to show your side of the friendship (friendship things go both ways!) you might be pleased to know that it will come out on an adorable cassette in the nearby future, with (probably) a little friendly love exchange of friendly money I’m sure the physical musical equant of friendly friend Id M Theft Able will be happy to be in your hands or tape player. Friendship like this will simply never end!

Music wise the gift of Id M Theft Able to you as his new found friend is something very personal, the straight, Man, Single, 6’ 4”, “A little extra” build who is White, Speaks English, Attended High school, Agnostic & Never smokes, Doesn’t drink, Doesn’t do drugs, Vegetarian, Capricorn; simply brings out his purest inner self with actual words coming from a honest sounding mouth of sincerity, beautifully aligned with his hands playing the piano & other sounds!

He will explore all kinds of moods, some sparkly, sometimes psychedelic, improvisational, romantic, strange storytelling, repetitions that are warm and kind, strange coolness with a mouth as a mix of broken computer like a scatman will tell you about his dressing sense, but also (like a true – true friend!) will ask you ‘how you are feeling’. That’s the kind of friend this is; give and take & in this case of Id M Theft Able it’s a lot he is giving into this friendly relationship if you would accept the challenge.

He will be there and interested in your well-being, he will show you the beauty of listening to the sound of Park St. meter / intermission, he will whisper in your ear like a caring bumblebee full humbleness with love-able warmth, he will show you his embarrassing sides, his lovable sides, his sweet side, his poetic sides (goddamn this man’s friendship has so many sides!)
Id M Theft Able is open enough to open up his strengths and his weaker points in this very close and personal music and audio present, which will help you discover Id M Theft Able as the true friend that he is.

Beware that even though Id M Theft Able’s offer to become new friends is open for people, located anywhere; friends from 0 up to 19 should not apply! Ages 20-99 only! If you are one of those friendly people in the required age group, then please do check out Id M Theft Able’s Okcupid profile, download and listen to the man’s friendly album & don’t hesitate to start the friendship of a life time!

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