Der Kvnstler – Sommerloch

artist: Der Kvnstler
title: Summerloch
keywords: dance, electronic, German, video
artist on the web:

The English meaning of Sommerloch is according to the online translator ‘summer slump, silly season, periods with no newsworthy events…. Might this be the time period that the newspapers will be only covering pictures of silly cats? It is funny as now somehow the ‘sommerloch’ is so apparent that even the sommerloch itself has to be news.

The ‘Sommerloch’ by Der Kvnstler is apparently the latest hit of this German project, it features a catchy rhythm, a groovy vibe, something that all kind of weirdos are feeling in their dancing bones, and of course more German words. It probably tells us about being ourselves, being, responding, moving to the sounds as if our lives are depending on it.

The video features sexy fruits to make sure the hit potency is there in visual form, next to the colorful bunch of people showing examples how to actually dance to this Sommerloch.
What can a person tell more than just take a peek at the music video and see if you join the examples, or come up with your own ‘move’… if not we can always move over the internet in search for silly cat pictures:

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