Future Image – NWYH

Artist: Future Image
title: NWYH
keywords: bristol electronic finlay shakespeare idm london abstract acid alternative electronica future image records glitch idm modular noise techno United Kingdom
label: Future Image http://www.futureimagerecords.co.uk/

NWYH by Future Image is the active dirty side of electronica that you should hear and dive into. It got this collection of raw sounds, chopped up in rhythmic attacks and dirty synthesizer stabs that feels as if a mental robot had fallen into a shredder, took some dial-up modems and all got touchy and cheeky together. It’s as if the bits and pieces are left over from a recycling facility and now somehow are all rattled into each-other like a manic groovy electric madness that refrains from going on that yellow clean road and instead tip toes all the way through digital dangerous poisonous factory fields.

This is electronic techno streamed live into your ears, clearly squeezed out from vicious machinery that loves to go out and give you a pounding. The material is so phat and dirty that it will probably leave a listener no choice to take a shower after listening. Even just a fragment would be enough reason to go and clean your-self; If we all need to shower you might as well go on a spastic dancing frenzy and produce some reasonable odor through sweating.

The music will slap the butt cheeks like metal plates handled by a crazy chef cook battling dough in a mad person’s kitchen. The happy slapping, the raw material of everything groovy is for sure a force to look into; this electric activeness is very much alive, fighting perhaps for its life not to end up as some recycled piece of Tupperware; and it shows! The energy in these tracks will hype you up like a dressed baboon in alien costume dancing on the flames of a electric-charged barbecue. I might have not found the right words for it, but let’s say this is some Good shit!

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