il Russo – il Russo

Artist: il Russo
title: il Russo
keywords: electronics, cosmic, psychedelic, glitch
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

Il Russo’s il Russo knows out of all people how a perfect case of ‘il Russo’ should sound like. So ofcourse ‘il Russo’ would sound like ‘il Russo’, at first stepping in slowly, like a pensioner dipping its toes first in the cold water before dipping its entire body in. But don’t think ‘il Russo’ takes the time like such a pensioner; once the toes are adjusted ‘il Russo’ simply dives straight into the sound of ‘il Russo’.

Your ears will fold inwards, the sound receptors in the brain flip in an inverted knot & the sound volume goes up automatically until your eyes fall out. Now your own head will function as an arty-farty speaker set in which the skull amplify the sound and the music will easily flow out through both holes in which the eyes formally had been: That’s odd perhaps, but that is ‘il Russo’ and that’s how ‘il Russo’ has to be enjoyed.

Being one with the ‘il Russo’ sound as a speaker-head is rewarding though, as ones you are converted in such a modern audio ‘il Russo’ system, a surreal feeling of inner peace might be felt floating through the entire system (formally known as your human body).

A sweet amount of experimental sound synthesis calmly floats through the hollow room that once seated the mind. The eye holes will spread these miraculous sounds to whoever that wants to hear it, and once when ‘il Russo’ thinks that it’s time of ambience is over ‘Il Russo’ will hammer both your eyes back in with a last pounding beat that feels as sticky as super glue! That’s how ‘il Russo’ is and that’s what ‘il Russo’ will do to you when you get it for free at the following link:

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