Sid Yiddish – Living The Life I Bring

artist: Sid Yiddish
title: Living The Life I Bring
keywords: Sid Yiddish, pop, video

Sid Yiddish is a colorful person, rolls like a people’s magnet from one adventure into another. He roams the street to meet all layers of society, seen on television, model for religious paintings, orchestrator of the music making Henchmen, interviewer, Beatle fan, educator, friend, lover and word of mouth artist.

Type in ‘Sid Yiddish’ in YouTube and you’ll be on a digital journey with probably no return. There is plenty of Sid out there because not only is he ‘far out there’ he actually is putting himself far out there. He wears Sid Yiddish as his personality’s second coat, perfectly fitted and comfortable. He is loved by many (might be hated by some) ((once a hacker made the world think that Sid had died…)) as the Sid Yiddish who is out there in his Sid Yiddish persona conquers many (if not all) hearts throughout his many journeys & interesting activities.

Still with everything that Sid Yiddish is involved with or projects that he has been doing, something seemed to have been missing. A life song, something that is capturing Sid Yiddish in a contemporary pop song idealistic for radio play, to be performed on festivals, sung around a campfire or simply being played or hummed wherever and whenever you spot the real life character in a reality near you.

Sid Yiddish’s “Living The Life I Bring” is that life song that fits Sid Yiddish the best, and might only be one of these life songs that will only fit him most respectively. Unless of course if there are many other Sid Yiddishes out there, perhaps cloned ones  who already have their Sid Yiddish on.

If you want you can download this song for free at the following link:

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