So Much Light – Justin Bieber at the Gates of Hell

artist: So Much Light
title: Justin Bieber at the Gates of Hell
keywords: acoustic experimental pop r&b sacramento soul Sacramento
reviewer: Willem van O.

Justin Bieber clearly speaks to the imagination; if he appears in a movie or a tv series he probably gets eliminated in fascinating bloody scenes, if you read an interview with him in a ‘cool’ magazine it will probably come with a nonsensical photo shoot in which he is depicted beaten up or in some kind of shitty situation. He clearly has a lot of haters that enjoy seeing him falling down from his own stage, or other more gruesome things. Some people believe he is a pawn in the illuminati, someone who had to get rid of his soul by sacrificing it to the collecting devil himself, just to get into the picture at all costs.

I’m not sure about all these things, but hearing this track by So Much Light it definitely feeds this imagination even more of this concept of sacrifice for fame. Here So Much Light clearly sings as if he is Justin Bieber himself who stands with both feet at the borders of Hell, solidly singing in his style a list of things he has to offer to the devil in exchange for people watching him.

It’s funny as you would think as a singer you’d think he would at least ask for people to just hear him as much as possible, but in this narrative he is all about being watched. It isn’t that weird as Bieber had of course shot to fame through YouTube which has plenty of people that like to be watched.

He doesn’t need a soul’ the Justin Bieber sound-a-like sings, and somehow it’s as if he is selling especially this ‘item’ out to the horned one, like a young nobody offering the things he doesn’t seem to need at the gates of Hell. The music to illustrate the scene makes it a sad and creepy thing; mostly creepy as it feels like the ‘bieber’ in this song feels determent about not needing these essential human things to be able to hit the spotlight and be seen. Sad because a soul is such an unplayable thing, once you sold it might be pretty difficult to regain a refund or go through a whole session to gain someone else their soul. Anyway enough bullshit, here is Justin Bieber at the gates of Hell:

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