VAN TRIER’s cloud of sounds

Renee Van Trier is an artist of many kinds, she does so many things (from performances, photography, videos, acting…) that we almost forget that she is also a refined experimentalist in music and song making! Luckily Van Trier has a lovely online cloud with great examples for you and me to hear and be wowed away with.

So let us all join together now (just like Jomanda Lady of the Light would say) and be wowed away with some of the things Van Trier has to offer music wise. One of my personal favorites must be her hit ‘Oesawallalakilele’ which has this manic energy and such great lyrics that for some reason it feels like two humpty dumpty characters dancing and wobbling around in colorful stripy pants. It’s lots of fun! Try it and you’ll be wowing yourself so much that you’d probably fall of from the chair and spontaneously do some kind of idiotic polka dance move!

To definitely make sure you will be WOWED it will be a very good idea to start by dipping both your ears in this fascinating work named ‘Mother Theresa’. It will for sure make Mother Teresa roll around if she was still with us. But this is not about here of course, this is about mother Theresa! The sexy mother that falls down in such a sexy style that you can just feel your own ass wiggle like a professional dancer that loves to slide down a pole! It is not only sexy, but also quite comical as the sexy laugh feels like a hyena who just sucked up the content of a helium balloon for breakfast.

Van Trier is all about innovation and experimentation; the Dutch song ‘de zon, de zon, de zon is weer omhoog! Jippie! Is such a great example. It is an improvisation done with an iphone and the result is pretty much outlandish in its outstandingness.
With the lyrics completely covered in the song title everyone who even have the slight interest in the Dutch lyrics is able to attempt to sing along. If you close your eyes you probably would see tiny garden gnomes with pointy hats and curly fluffy bears smiling in the sun.

Paradox Paradox is showcasing a more aggressive and danceable side of ‘Van Trier’ who uses a warrior like drum and her words in sharp contrast of poetic and nice to more in your face! It’s something that will move the feet and induce the head into a state of mushroom-shrooming.

Before we leave, we should tune into the latest upload on Van Trier’s cloud of sound as it is the most fitting for this moment in time; it is time to move on. Van Trier sets a warm glow of wowing wooziness with synthesizer mosh and her voice that sounds like a prominent member of the amazon clan that looks over the prairie in her shiny costume. The time to move on also seems to involve birds, probably picking Van Trier and her music (and perhaps our loyal listeners) up by the shoulders into the new zones behind the brightest horizons.

If these tunes / tracks / songs/ experiments are making you hungry for more, then you probably will be over the moon that her cloud of sounds is packed with so much more from where this had come from! Please be free to explore this cloud and be wowed away by your own ‘Van Trier’ findings:

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