Erleen Nada – Peachy Keen

artist: Erleen Nada
title: Peachy Keen
keywords:  pop, alternative, empowering, video, performance, alternative dark wave electronic minimal electronic new wave post punk rock synth pop synth wave synthesizers Los Angeles

Erleen Nada’s latest music video clip for her song ‘Peachy Keen’ is one of the empowering and motivational of its kind. You might see this as a ‘don’t let anyone ever get you down’ kind of tune.
But to inspire and empower a listening viewer at home, the source got to be fully empowered too; you can’t give from an empty cup, right? Peachy Keen’ by Erleen Nada is a showcase of how the artist got it made; she will sing about how a boyfriend attempted to break her heart which she (after probably a little behind the scenes scene of booze intake) then gave the middle finger, and rightly so as it is his loss! There is plenty more male fish in the sea, but only one ‘Erleen Nada’ in the world.

A cool guy with a splendid band who offered once Erleen Nada a place in his band had also changed his mind, as she couldn’t be in his band because she isn’t a vegan. Instead of feeling this as a blow to the head Erleen Nada would simply use it to start her own band and will perform with pieces of chicken as munch-able instrument!

When Erleen Nada is fired from her job that she already disliked, she didn’t go down sobbing at home, but realized that she indeed has better things to do! And because of that she had the time to write this excellent track! So in a way we as viewing listeners should thank the one who fired her too! Thank you and F*ck You!

It is not only the words coming out of Erleen Nada that are middle fingers for a large part of the song, but also the actual music. Somehow the sound has the same strength of a tongue being squeezed out to all the wannabe oppressors, its cheeky and powerful as a whole!

The most greatest thing is that the middle fingers are at the end converted to love,self-love, but also love and appreciation for all who enjoys Erleen Nada’s music, videos, art activities and her as a person.For you she will raise no middle fingers, neither will she say something along the line of ‘f*ck you’, instead she will invite you to converse with her, get to know her a bit better & say or write nice things about her. In fact I think that is what this post is doing too; so let the love circle go on and check out the empowering new song & video as everything is ‘Peachy Keen’!

You know what Erleen Nada would really love? If you would check out her album with this song (and many others!) at the following link:

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