Kordian Trudny – Dobry pedofil

artist: Kordian Trudny
title: Dobry pedofil
keywords:alternative avant-pop electronic experimental indie lo-fi outsider music plunderphonics po polsku polish post-punk psychedelic psychedelic rock Katowice
artist on the web:  http://www.facebook.com/kordiantrudny

Kordian Trudny, from Katowice Poland. As description of his music on his Bandcamp we see instead a quote from his friend: „Eh, I don’t know, it’s fucking weird”. But that’s what heathens say, no? We here at YIKIS are literate and educated people and use science words to describe what we hear. So the scientific word here would be: fucking awesome! Kordian is obviously a multi-talented dude well versed in all kinds of styles. He will begin with some hot-steppin’ minimal electrotrack, just to slip into lo-fi reverberating ballad about being wary of getting bitten by all kinds of animals bookended with malfunctioning electronics. And then you get kicked into the head (but in a good way) with a pulsating, straightforward rock tune!

The artist here does something difficult for each musician – summing up a multitude of inspirations, rock, electronics, and even avant-garde, fitting it onto one cohesive album – and makes it look easy. As a fellow musician I am fucking jealous, after catching myself repetitively humming tunes from the album throughout the day – the lyrics here are in Polish and I am blessed to know this impossible language.

Back to the sounds. As soon as you think you get him, he throws another surprise your way – all the time spicing it up, all the time keeping it interesting. Plunderphonic explorations, field recordings, distorted vocals, snippets sampled seemingly from self-help tapes and tv programs. Ever restless, he often cuts up even his own vocal lines and makes them into a sculpture – at the same time always remembering to leave the listener room to breathe and inserting just enough beat and catchy hooks to keep us, well, hooked!

And really there is something for everyone here, and if you consider your mind opened at least a little bit, then there is really NO SONG TO SKIP on this here bitch. Let me guide you though, if you like your styles segregated a bit. For more traditional, grooving, moving rock songs go first for „Pokój” [room], „Lustro” [mirror], nervously circling a hypnotic organ loop, and „chcę” [I want] – my fav cause it has this unobvious time signature stutter which is what I love in music. And if you prefer to begin with synth-electronic futurism, go for the opener „Mgłę”[fog] or the tremendous „Galopujące Tęczowe Jednorożce” (which could actually be a club hit weren’t it for the controversial chorus: „You’re gonna be fat and have manboobs” („Będziesz gruby i będziesz miał cycki”. Still I can see getting down to it on a dancefloor and I dare you not to feel the same way once the beat starts! And for the plunderphonic, collage, sampledelic avant-garde freakouts go for „Strachy”, „Nic Nie Jest Takie…” and especially the closing number „Rock And Roll”.

To sum up this here is a must have for every indie music enthusiast, sprawling with inventiveness, groovy beats, well-placed samples, whimsical lyricism. And at the same time ecclectic, well mixed and well balanced. Instead of making you go „hmm”, tap your foot and tune out after three songs, it grabs you by the hand and takes onto an adventurous carousel full of colors, sounds and shapes from other dimensions!

Oh, and the title directly translates to „A Good Pedophile” – purely for controversy’s sake. ENJOY!


Jan Strach

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1 Response to Kordian Trudny – Dobry pedofil

  1. linda says:

    It feels very wrong to be pro-pedophile, like even the good ones. But I can’t judge other than saying the review hit the nail on the head and ❤ ❤ for a very diverse and entertaining album!

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