Monkey Warhol – EP3

artist: Monkey Warhol
title: EP3
keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis

Are you ready for some happy upbeat fun? Seek no further!
The first power pill pacman kind of energy meets The Cure meets crazy chicken farm meets the punky haircut of Andy Warhol tune is the first one that will greet you straight into the happy new start of the upcoming weekend! It’s like big party flutes finally have a reason to be blown again!

The 3rd EP by Monkey Warhol is an instant happy blow of danceable party music, groovy material, melodic material and even the legendary amen break and fancy words to stay in our heads. This is the medicine for the lack of party music, music to dance until the morning (might have to play this material in repeat). Everything is happy, brewing like a mentos cola mix bursting out of a bottle!

Monkey Warhol lifts up the corners of the mouth in to a nice smile as groovy irresistible wobbly grooves with a sense of good humor hobbling funkily around for our pleasure. This will make your day, so better jump in and let this monkey rock your booty that for sure will not stop shaking until the EP will be finished.

Monkey Warhol’s sense of funk ability, melody in the most important combination of energetic beats to wobble around with is a win – win situation! Good vibes’ a professional critic would call it! Finally something even we could agree with! To top it off, the hit who’s the ‘lovely lady’ that looks like a taco is also on board! Lots of fun!

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