Braveryjerk – Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI

Artist: Braveryjerk
title: Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI
keywords: comedy meme memes Washington
reviewer: Simon Hit

Braveryjerk must be one of the most underrated golden voices of the new millennium. Braveryjerk has the groove, the volume and the sense of rhythm, but Braveryjerk especially stands out in its ability to put its emotions into the carefully chosen singing repertoire.

The songs are apparently covers, but as I personally never heard of them or the original artists that sang them before (Gwen Stefani, Christina Perri, The Wanted, Sam Smith and the totally unknown Katy Perry…) it’s as if they are actually pure Braveryjerk originals. It is hard to believe that any of these artist are able to put their emotional sides out like the brave sounding Braveryjerk does. It’s in his voice, pushing the drama, the passion, the anger and possible even painful emotional singing experiences up to the next level.

Also the ability of Braveryjerk to multiply his own voice to get some perfectly pitched chorus going on is pretty much stunning. It’s like he transforms his voice for the occasion into a frog, a prince and a witch to make a little choir of diversity. If we have to believe Braveryjerk’s bandcamp visual material, he might look very much like Ron Paul. Perhaps it is a twin, or just Ron’s side or new main project. In any case Braveryjerk took a lot of effort into singing these songs, and I’m sure the covered artists will all be very honored to be covered by him.

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