DOOMETTES @ Indigo Tea Lounge, Anchorage, AK

title: DOOMETTES @ Indigo Tea Lounge, Anchorage, AK
keywords: live, performance, noise, experimental, folk, doom pop, video

There are a lot of projects that we should be excited about, one of them is ‘Doomettes’. It’s been a while since it’s last release has shaken our heads upside down, but still the attraction pulls me like a magnet in search for possible more from where it all comes from. To stumble on a live set which is not only audio but also filmed is like a great gift from the sound gods! Now we can hear and see Doomettes from wherever we are in the world!

This particular performance seems to have taken place at a tea room. I’ve always asked what kind of venue would suit the sound of Doommettes the best, and now we all know; nothing more doomed then a actual tea room! Just think about dark tea, earl grey tea, light tea, tea parties tea, mister T tea, sugar and milk in tea; oh the horror!

Luckily for us Doomettes is not there to drink tea, but performs to destroy the tea drinking crowd like a true professional. Smartly dressed Doomettes is a sign of him knowing what he is doing, as he checks the speaker, asks if the sounds needs to be up or down (always up!) , and looks down his bottle of mystery liquid. (That can’t be tea!)

He will play a historic sounding introduction in such a way that the tea drinking crowd could calmly adjust to what will come next. Once the tea room climate has been changed into the climate of Doomettes, a big button is pressed and instant ‘Doomettes’ sound is filling up the premisses. You can easily imagine the doomed evil tea drinkers dropping their cups, and perhaps self baked cookies politely walking themselves of the tables. Doomettes goes directly into his element, like an alternative sound man he evicts the tea room temperature into something more harsh & respectively psychedelic. His own head starts to glow and flow along with the sound of Doomettes, the signs of an outwards introvert massively crackle out of the speaker for a mix of ultimate comfort and despair.

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