Rocco Perciante – air chrysalis

artist: Rocco Perciante
title: air chrysalis
keywords: electronic, experimental, noise, idm
label: MAV [0kbps] records

Rocco Perciante’s Air Chrysalis is a unique case of finding beauty in experiments. The first track of this free downloadable release sketches an electronic scene with a human child somewhere captured in the sound. It’s a mix of lovely industrial sounding electronica noises and a more innocence sounding presence of the little human. Together they form more melodic space-head material to kindly trip away with.

The second part of this sound-escape goes for a synthetic rhythm that nicely rolls around in psychedelic atmospheres. It even manages to infiltrate some funkiness with a punk attitude. Don’t think of a punk band, but do think of a sound nasty like an electric guitar that somehow sneakily sneaks in for the best possible effects. The last part of this session ‘we need your comment’ is one that is also fairly rhythmic based, much more relaxed, with the insertions of something chill and reasonably funky, material with enough electric voltage to electrocute a tiny person seated on an miniature electric chair. (let’s hope that this will  not be the fate of the kid that’s been lost inside the first track…)

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One Response to Rocco Perciante – air chrysalis

  1. linda says:

    The comment was needed, who am I not to comply?

    Surprising bunch of tracks. Seeing the first one, starting harsh, getting fully filled out, like “oh noes my ears…”. Believing in the promises from the review, it did turn out funky afterall ;D

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