Caelicus Pugna – whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt

Artist: Caelicus Pugna
title: whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt
keywords: glitch, experimental, electronic, video

I can’t see, and I’m unable to hear anything clearly now. The music and visuals of Caelicus Pugna’s whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt clearly have kicked in. They kicked in so hard that my eye balls almost explode from largeness, everything had became blurry and my mind is disorientated. What is Caelicus Pugna’s whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt doing to the human system of just a regular person watching it on a video sharing site named youtube?

It’s hard to define, as the images are blurry and the sounds are sporadic. But it’s not an evil thing that is going on; it’s clearly an intoxication of fuzzy cuteness, something that makes sounds similar to crappy casio keyboards, childrens music pieces or perhaps even nutty midi-modifications. I cannot tell what is going on, and what my ears are hearing when Caelicus Pugna’s whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt is doing its thing, but it is for sure having a benevolent reaction to all what used to be ‘normal’.

This is not the first time such a thing had happened, Caelicus Pugna’s music had done such things to me many times before, but yet here when attempting to watch and view whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt I’m discovering a state of being completely out of it. Is this even real? Is this reality? Did someone just spiked my drink and am I now just a rambling idiot typing on a keyboard placed in a surreal reality?

I don’t know, but I’m feeling like the chair that I’ve been sitting on has been melting away, and soon I will have to continue this from a position named ‘the floor’. I’m not sure if this makes sense to you, but maybe you can just test out if Caelicus Pugna’s whonkywhonkyprrrtprrrt is also having such a wild effect on your human senses? If not… then shit! Must have been something in my drink!

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