Irrlicht Project – Valleys of Ore

Artist: Irrlicht Project
title: Valleys of Ore
keywords: ambient, drone, electronic
artist website:

There is drone and there is ‘drone’ and there is Irrlicht Project take on ‘Drone’.
This version is like an organic transforming industrial wave, something grotesque and enormous, a voluptuous happening that sounds like a god who separates the oceans in multiple parts just by the power of its belief system. Sounds that create magical lights into the sky, fantasy-like tones of healing stars, Ben Hurr style bigness captured in a single sound flow.

It’s like the power of dark and light, turning into magic hugeness of classical proportions that will bring cinematic feelings not only straight into your ears, but even into the smallest of living rooms. The world that Irrlicht Project projects here is immense, broad and wonderful. Wizards with magic wands, royal ladies with extremely long golden hair, warriors with powers beyond their own knowledge will all feel immensely at home in this orgasmic epicenter.

This very special take on ‘drone’ compositing by Irrlicht Project is so refreshing; it reshapes landscapes into ones without boundaries. It gives oxygen to the smallest places & opens up even the largest real life landscapes just by audio – presence! I don’t know about you but this takes my breath away, while actually (at the same time) loading me full of fresh air for extra-long living!
Magical and wonderfully grotesque! Oh and its free download!

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One Response to Irrlicht Project – Valleys of Ore

  1. linda says:

    ❤ such a nice underground release, a personal favorite! So calming 😀 Thanx for upping!

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