me – sound collages

artist: me
title: sound collages
keywords: experimental no direction in particular sound collage tds vaporwave weird whatever Antarctica

Dear Me, congratulations on your excellent new release, with its excellence mixes of rhythm, experimental sound collages, melody and odd atmospheres it really makes me proud; Not only proud about the music, but as well proud that it’s done by me.

Thanks in general in confusing me, as I didn’t have thought I would have it in me to make such a great sounding release. So trippy, strange, bizarre and let’s say ‘weird’. To top this of I have to say that I’m also a bit confused as who is me? Is me, me? Or might be ‘me’ you? Or is this a case of even deeper mystery and is me, neither me and neither you?

I guess the state of confusion fits the music as it is done so coolly that whatever the truth is, we all probably like to be the ‘me’ responsible for this release. It is such a diverse mix and match of sound that the me who have brought it all together must be somehow a professional sound genius.

I don’t know about you, but hearing this release I really would like to be me. Even though me and me might not be the same, but perhaps with a little amnesia even the greatest identity thief can really believe he or her is somebody who he or she actually isn’t.

I’m so confused right now, luckily the ‘me’ made this record to fit this moment perfectly. I would say join me by joining the sounds of me at the following link:

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1 Response to me – sound collages

  1. m tds says:

    hello, tds/me/whatever here, haha. stumbled upon this article today, thanks for fucking around with my own mind for a sec there. appreciated, yo.

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