Stefano Balice – Senza titolo col troglodita

artist: Stefano Balice
title: Senza titolo col troglodita
keywords: extemporaneous, circuit bending, synth pop
label: MAV [0bps] records

This stars with ‘no’. This is not a refusal but an actual yes forward into this release of sound. Very Late night avant-garde, squirrels or hamsters hopping over old fashioned piano keys in some dodgy squatter’s bar; you know, music you’ll hear when everyone is wasted and you don’t know the difference between the smell of beer and puke.

Then there is ‘usignoli’, the moment of the party when everyone is out of their mind, blowing up and letting out air out of balloons and inhaling helium with intensively puffed up lungs. It’s the life of the party in which everyone goes a little loopy, people are rolling on the floor having a good time.

Next up is ‘sbruffone due volte’ also known as the moment the ketamine kicks in. You’ll end up pulling weird faces, rediscovering your own bottom and top lips and all goes a bit fruity fruity. Some might play the piano, others are struggling to not swallow their own tongues; it’s a strange time but never a boring one!

Then the shrooms with cultural folklore kicks in, a strange mixture of gamelan that goes all synthetically awkward in a pretty fun way. It’s as if the floor is rubbery and we all wear pants that hang down our knees. This is called ‘animaletti del mare’ but might as well be named a moment to explore the room on magical mushrooms.

One of my personal favorite moments on her is ‘non umano’, a work that makes me think of a bunch of intelligent electric poodles that try to send each-other messages through old school sound experimentations. Their messages might be electronically based but you can clearly hear that there is also some analogue bottles of booze involved.

Time to pick up some candid percussion, jam around with the bottom of your rubber soul from a shoe, and feel a certain chill vibe popping up. It’s too quick to lounge out, but we might have just inhaled a large cloud of vapor puff that turns everyone into some kind of spaced out genius.

To enjoy the last bit of the good party time that this release has been providing there is ‘carcasse’ at the final end. This is the moment in which we can all act like the oddness that we all are, relaxed and be our crazy selves as the music just wobbles kindly to hold that ‘good time odd party time’ feeling just a little longer. Who will pass on the salvia?

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