Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

artist: Consistency Nature
title: Silent Thalia
keywords: experimental, psychedelic, sound, avantgarde, noise, drone, ambient, folk, video, dancing, video, movie,
label: Sirona-Records

It might have been a very long time since we discussed the music of an extra ordinary character named Consistency Nature, but his absence was for a very good reason; he had worked and worked, brew and sat on his newest egg only to become a newly gained flower! In fact he is still breeding for it to come out, which will probably happen in October. We are all invited to see this upcoming birth and foster this child as if it’s one of our own! Birthplace will be Sirona-Records, a place we all should be familiar with.
From what I can tell you Consistency Nature’s brand new album will be six hour (!!!!) long and will use older material in new ways & of course will be thoroughly good for an intensive journey!
Even though the enormous album isn’t born yet, I couldn’t resist in sharing one of the special made music videos for it, because it will probably be something you won’t have seen or heard anything like this before!

It this video we see Consistency Nature himself dancing to his own music in the surroundings of pure beautiful natural locations. Don’t think Consistency Nature will do a cha-cha-cha or engages in line-dancing; he will re-invent the whole handling of ‘dancing’ by getting back into his own sounds of music and converts them into body movements and even facial expressions. He goes into places that are deer to him, locations that bring up memories from childhood, he will interact with them, hug the trees, feel the stones, crushes the sand and embrace the impressive landscape views.

Of course this might be brought to us as a music video clip, but to me it’s more like an intensive music-dance movie, in which Consistency Nature goes outward by going inwards, back to his roots, (and even holding on to these roots visually!) and taking us as visual audio addicts on a firm and intense journey of discovery and self-rediscovery!
The upcomming album “Silent Thalia”  will be out and released on Sirona in October.

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