VelgeNaturlig – Live ACIDA

Artist: VelgeNaturlig
title: Live ÁCIDA
keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
label: attenuation circuit

Some artists can make things sounding so visually that you will have no problem to see things or even taste things. VelgeNaturlig’s live album released on Attenuation Circuit is a good example as even though the actual content might be subject to your own imagination, the all-round sound and feel is as if you just dropped a firm amount of liquid acid on the spinal gland… Just rub it in a bit as if its massage oil, so it completely gets absorbed into the place that will take you for a ride.

VelgeNaturlig takes on the sound of liquid acid liquidly. Don’t think acid as in acid-techno bubble bath sounds, but more as the actual liquid, the surface deep and dense colorful and dark, zooming through the head that functions like a sponge for weird world perceptions. VelgeNaturlig’s lively live performance inserts the breeze, the coziness that one need for a good trip versus a bad one, something that takes you into yourself like a drop of oil multiplying your third eye like the content of a bottle of eye-drops.

The music as electronic as it is, is vast and dense, and has definitely its roots somewhere in nature; perhaps a dark corner of it with its loneliness at the top, yet it feels very natural. You can feel its pulse pulsating enough to put your normal day world view upside down just like the front cover would suggest. Through different trippy sound stages VelgeNaturlig takes us on an internal – external acidic journey.

Perhaps its two journeys in fact, but both are definitely coming from the same place. It is like a sound version of liquid LSD that takes over the senses and visual receptors, and is clearly digested far from a club raving scene, but more somewhere outside, nice and quiet without any disturbance of a flow of beats in sight. Chemical liquid is the keyword over here, and you’ll be tripping your head off with the stuff that you can find at the following link:

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2 Responses to VelgeNaturlig – Live ACIDA

  1. linda says:

    Very nice, relaxing atmosphere. I’ll try it out again on blocking out a busy workfloor tomorrow!

    • linda says:

      Works like a charm! And very nice noise too. I belief it is normally a bit more harsh, the noise from Augsburg and therefor not so suitable for the headphone-workplace.

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