Bottlesmoker – POLARITY EP 2016

artist: Bottlesmoker
title: POLARITY EP 2016
keywords: electronic, electropop, alternative, electro

Bottlesmoker being ‘Bottlesmoker’ might seem to suggest that the artist smokes his bottles like a vegetarian eats it’s veggies. But the music of Bottlesmoker’s brand new EP doesn’t sound like the sound of a smokable bottle inhaler, but more like a very pleasant music gift.

It is difficult to describe or write a book about it, as the electronic music that you can discover in the lengthy EP is so good and detailed that it’s very easy to slip into it like two feet in a pair of flip flops, and almost take it for granted.

The music is so nice and kind, so lush and friendly, it brings energy in a comfortable way with lots of eye (and ear!) to the professional side of electronic music composing. It’s as if you can simply switch of your own head and let Bottlesmoker sit in you on the driver’s seat.

Whatever you do when listening, please do continue to listen to all the tracks, don’t play anything in between as that might abolish the magic. That’s the key to a successful Bottlesmoker EP listening session; don’t listen anything else (even coworkers trying to talk through!) and let this Bottlesmoker EP smoke you up with electric pleasure.

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