Screeching Machine,YoukoHeidy – midnight mambo★

artists: Screeching Machine,YoukoHeidy
title: midnight mambo★
keywords: alternative punk experiemental noise Japan

Hairs in the wind , head stuck into the biggest and loudest speaker you can find and let Screething Machine’s m-beat pull the skin on your face backwards as if you have dropped out of an airplane without an parachute. This is the sound of punk, nicely distorted, energetic harsh and raw; a bit like a club of Hell’s angels driving over you like you are just a piece of busy road. The ordeal is very short, but hell that means everyone will probably come out alive as a true survivor.

Youko Heidy goes for a electronic beat, something presented as if it has been broken, probably with twisted electric wires and a taste for the end of music. Somehow I imagine Youko having an excellent track kept between a seated bottom, from under sounds try to escape. While paying attention Youko lifts up an ass cheek to showcase deep bass, rhythm and an all-round semi abstract form of chill ‘n dance music.

Another lifting of an ass cheek reveals psychotic adventure fun fair on chemicals kind of material, another bit let’s Acid bubbles pop out and through a special body hole voices are trying to get through.

Youko Heidy will never go full frontal with this recording; the artist simply sits on the recording with a firm set of buttocks as not to be willing to release the sound in a crystal clear way. The results are strangely relaxing; I wouldn’t mind to hear more bottom performances like this! How about you?

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