Toxic Chicken – Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

artist: Toxic Chicken
title: Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
keywords: Effluvia Recordings, Electronic, Alice, Tea, Soundtrack, LIngery,
label: Effluvia Recordings
reviewer: Mister Tea

Imagine a large square table completely full of all kinds of teacups and teapots, small ones, big ones, glass ones, ceramic ones, painted ones, full ones, empty ones. Add little pots of sugar, perhaps some with milk and a fine amount of tea-spoons. Suspended above of this is an installation holding up microphones that aim to record all these tools for a perfect tea party with great precision.

Surrounding the table are chairs with special V.I.P. tea drinkers, think of a certain rabbit, a mad-hatter, and a confused young girl named Alice. Some microphones are also hovering above their seats, all assigned to a magical mixing booth of a observing sound-recording poisonous chicken.

The chicken records, mixes, remixes, chops up, and copy and pastes, loops and repeats the tea party people and the sounds of all the tea materials on the table. With additional equipment the toxic feathered one adds a firm amount of music to the sounds of the tea happening and the results? A unbirthday birthday party unlike no other! Hear the tea time celebration over here:

Or download it for free over here:

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3 Responses to Toxic Chicken – Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

  1. linda says:

    hmmmmm! Tea with coffee and tea with cake and partea and cake and coffee and chicken samba xylophone! ❤

    • Linda says:

      Sometimes you have a good mood (it should be more often, but well, work in progress). Sometimes you have to work. Sometimes you arrive at work with a good mood. And sooner or later you’ll read a few e-mails that make you go grrrrrr, losing your good mood, facing an endless ocean of “the rest of the working day”.

      For these moments I have created a nice list of bookmarks. Most of them are made directly after visiting this fabutastic blog. And… they work wonderful on the soul and mood operations! As soon as I feel good mood is being replaced by shit-piss-motha-effin-damn-shit-piss moods, I interrupt the process gently with a cup of tea. A wonderful toxic tea party to revive me of anything enlarging the time between now and the start of the weekend a little too much. Tea will be had! Joyful spoons tingeling tangeling and sipping and sapping. Like I’m with all the nicest people in the world, not being angry with anyone at all.

      And so I joyfully type a response e-mail, deleting all the sentences written in anger, keeping it clean, diplomatic. (joyful without sarcasm is also work in progress).

      Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend! And yes, I did listen to many of the newly posted reviewed matters. I just did not have enough time/thoughts to give them a nice comment….

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