Il Vuoto / Failor – Senseless Painful Lives in Tears

artists: Il Vuoto / Failor
title: Senseless Painful Lives in Tears
keywords: ambient dark ambient depressive doom drone experimental funeral industrial noise space ambient Italy
reviewer: Simon Nail

Two Italian bands with both 28:52 minutes filled on each side of a split among them.
On one side we can hear Il Vuoto ’s work named ‘Tears-I-Cleansing-Touch’ which calmly sets the mood with moody atmospheric slow guitar material, that slowly gets more bigger with the material introducing a more fuzzy electric guitar and drum to the mix.

Also a vocal can be discovered, one which is a bit laying in the back, but you could clearly hear that the singer is giving all that he has, even though the one mixing the track thought he would be better off a bit more deeper in the mix. It’s an important choice as now the guitar is more the one who drives this material, which makes the track more atmospheric then gruesome.

The all-round material is very slow, as if snails had formed some kind of speed metal band, but for our human ears, it’s sounds like the opposite of speedy. The music has a ambient eruption close to the final end, with warm tones and a massive guitar riff, yet because of us not being snails it feels like the record is recorded in slow motion.

The other Italian band is Failor and brings a track named ‘A Week in Modern Life’. Even though this too will be 28:52 minutes in length, I doubt this will be a week in snail-time. The music in this time frame is of a different kind then Il Vuoto had brought to the collaboration. This is indeed more modern perhaps, less hand played guitar material and neither any tormented singer seems to be available within this composition.

The music has little repetitive bell sounds, strange synth or keyboard hymns that are almost like a love child between a voice and a bamboo flute. It’s strangely fairytale like, pretty dark but also pretty. The sound is nicely muffled, as if has a dusty layer of angel dust resting on top of the original recording.

Somewhere there will be a moment that an actual beat will pop in, but in general it will just calmly foster this strange atmosphere without a head bang moment in sight. All the way towards the end more modern bleeps and blops sounds will pop in to give justice to the title, and as a final it becomes slightly noisy. Not too much, but just enough for the modern day modernist who likes it a bit slow.

Conclusion? If you are a snail you better put on a seatbelt while listening to this speedy split & if you are a human, you might want to take a few steps back to enjoy these lengthy Italian works. Hear / get them over here:

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