Playing with nuns – Noisy Tennessee

Artist: Playing with nuns
title: Noisy Tennessee
keywords: noise / experimental
label: sphicot records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Welcome at another update here at ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’.
A name we honor at times, and sometimes get confused about.
Within this post you can read a little description for a free downloadable mini release by Playing with nuns, released on a netlabel run by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.
Shall we continue?

All the way upfront as the very first beginning of this small underground release we can find (and hear) ‘Elvis young americans’. A sound piece encoded in mp3 form and shape that sounds like a rhythmic muffled drone with some kind of saliva attached to it. It’s difficult to point out in words what you could expect, but imagine you load up a cheek full of slime and then invite an aunty over to squeeze and pull it on repeat. If the aunty squeezes it well; the voice of elvis might appear to talk some muffled elvis-stuff.

In the middle, as in track 2, we can find (and hear) ‘Pocket full of pills’. It’s not a very large pocket, so don’t think you need two hands and a lot of time to be able to hear this all. It reminds me a bit of when you let a machine brush your teeth, while making your own mouth wider and closer for acoustical sound changes.

All the way at the end, we can find (and see & even hear) another mp3 file named ‘Noisy Tennessee’ which sounds like a never ending industrial alarm, combined with a bunch of hungry guard dogs that bark like alienated aliens. You can hear them and the other two tracks by downloading the bunch in a ZIP file:

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