TOTAL E.T. – Solarization

Artist: TOTAL E.T.
title: Solarization
keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone industrial noise Slovakia

TOTAL E.T. does honor the title of its latest release. ‘Solarization’ it is called, and through fluent soundscapes that warmly flow over you like woolen blankets made out of alien sounds they surely sound like a sunny moment. Perhaps the blanket is not made out of wool, but actual sun light; it might here and there burn a little. In fact if you read this before listening: you might want to apply some sun cream, in case you don’t want to end up with some potential sunburned skin parts.

But don’t worry TOTAL E.T. isn’t out here burning people, -if that’s what you think it is that im suggesting. It’s more a precaution warning; some people might just have more sensitives skins (and ears) then others. For most of the listening crowd this sunshine in blanket form isn’t harsh; it is contained and warm; just like wool… but a little bit different.

But it’s not only warmth that TOTAL E.T. explores over here; the alien sound producer also brings in a nice little wind machine thingy. It turns around in circles and does this very sweet and polite. It’s perfect for when you are hot and need a little bit of movement in air-form; just enough to feel a little flow that will make the possibility of fainting almost impossible.

And then relaxation comes, as TOTAL E.T. simply brings the loveliest soundscapes of warm abstract beauty in a row. A fantastic set of pure satisfaction will give everyone the right cozy glow upon the cheeks. Nothing better than get some solarization done by the massaging rays of TOTAL. E.T.:

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1 Response to TOTAL E.T. – Solarization

  1. linda says:

    Ah, this has been on the ‘phones for a while. ❤ ❤ Unfortunately, the cover art is not going to make it on my desktop, replacing the screenshot of google sky. It already matches!

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