David Liebe Hart – I Eat My Veggies

Artist: David Liebe Hart
title: I Eat My Veggies
keywords: vegetables, pop, singer songwriter, electronic, lo-fi, fun, veggie, vegetarian, broccoli, carrots, healthy, vitamins, perfect ingredients, video,
website: http://artbyliebehart.com/

Vegetables. Who doesn’t like them? They come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes & oh so many tasty tastes! Oh and they contain lots of vitamins and are healthy & yummy! You can eat them in many ways (but mostly by using a mouth) and are a natural source for beneficial bodily benefits. Ever seen a nutritious carrot loving rabbit with glasses?

David Liebe Hart also loves vegetables and took the time to write and sing a song dedicated to them. You just know that if you have a vegetable garden and play this to the growing vegetables they would grow even more delicious then without! But it seems also a good idea to play to the little ones who are struggling with their veggies at the dinner table; play this and with lots of fun the vegetables will go from spoon (or fork) into their mouths & stomach! Thanks to David Liebe Hart no more veggie problems, only love and celebration!

With lovely engaging music and words David Liebe Hart convinces that veggies are delicious once again! You should eat them every single day!

You can support David Liebe Hart and his original arts and crafts,
by bringing joy to yourself and getting this song from his ‘Astronaut’ album.
Check it out (and other releases) at his official website:

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