Robin Stroop – Een atypische verhouding

Artist: Robin Stroop
title: Een atypische verhouding
keywords: delft experimental robin stroop spoken word dotje dutch gesproken woorden mixtape poedel seen. jenny hval Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

I have heard and seen ‘Een atypische verhouding’ by Robin Stroop sitting on the Smikkelbaard Bandcamp. Nice, firm and stable like a square bottom that you would like to stroke and lick like a true lickkebaard. Every-time I stare at ‘Een atypische verhouding’ I start to wink with my eyebrows, simply in the hope that it too will recognize me and my bodily features. My tongue wetting my lips, making me as a passerby hopefully look glossy and healthy, purely in the hope ‘Een atypische verhouding’ will notice my presence.

Many times i click it politely, in the hope nobody notices it. Afraid that the love and attraction doesn’t come from both ways; failure would be such a disaster to the stream of internal hormones. I click it like a lover would brush a loved one’s hair. I click it while imagining me being able to whisper sweet words of love in the release its ear. Once in, I open and present all my colorful feathers, like a proud peacock waiting to fall in good taste. ‘Een atypische verhouding’ never seems to be impressed by all this; the reaction would be always the same: a lush workflow of naughty sweet and poetic Dutch words that drives the imagination into a loophole of Devine sensuality.

When it does it’s thing I feel like melting, powerful sunshine rays of horniness are shining upon the whole listener’s experience. Even if nobody understands the Dutch language, you will feel all wet and woozy in the erogenous zones. Bulges of joyful pressure might press against the speakers, a pantyhose might get a little soppy & the imagination begins to circulate stories straight out of poetic pocket book romances.

To make sure that the ordeal will be neat and civilized, the tasty words of slippery pronunciations are being flushed with a regular appearance of music, Music that might as well be described as a bucket of cold water to deep freeze the brain, pull out the hardness or wetness that the Dutch words had generated; returning the blood back to the brain instead of the listener’s crotch.

Luckily this isn’t a real bucket of water being thrown over our face, and luckily music is music. And in this case it’s like a radio show with music selected by the poetic word smith to bring us back to our senses & forget all our disastrous attempts to flirt with a release that has been flirting with us from the Smikkelbaard head office. Who can resist the pleasure? Who can resist? Oh gosh, who?

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