Floating Mind – illuminati

artist: Floating Mind
title: illuminati
keywords: deep, minimal, techno, electronica, Floating Mind, netlabel, monoKraK
label: Monokrak

Monokrak is back with a perfect new release containing four high quality deep techno track of the extremely good order in the quality department. The music might be sorted in the minimal side of a record shop, but listen to all the details and always changing interesting sounds and right on time fun breaks & the whole snobbish look on minimalism will be tossed out of the window: this isn’t minimal at all, it’s like a micro cosmos of details with a very nice exposure of deep bass & sweet melody on top of an never ending flow of rhythm. It evolves and evolves and grows like a never ending electric tiny world that is an pleasure to hang out in.

The rhythms and sound choices made are of an important order & it seems that even though the music is suitable for dancing, it is also very usable for whatever people doing while being smoothly pampered by ambient atmospheres. The music at times can be seen like road map to a dream; grooving in a hammock with a sunset in the back, chilling somewhere on a tropical beach with a lovely cocktail in the hand. This is the soundtrack for such a moment & if you’d never end up there in real life, the music will take you there when you close your eyes. And trust me it’s a much better experience than anything giving through idiotic virtual reality head gear. The music will take you on a lovely trip in which the sun and good vibes rule!

Somehow at times there are electric crickets to be heard, maybe a insect from the future; but within the orchestration of the musical context these friends turn into elements of the rhythmic session. See them like that bug in Pinocchio who guides you through it as a guide between the state of conscious and dreams. These four tracks take the time & sound as professional (or even MORE!) as any commercial variation, minus that this one is clearly done with love and care for the sounds and music & available for download for absolutely no money at all! A holiday in audio form that you shouldn’t refuse:

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1 Response to Floating Mind – illuminati

  1. linda says:

    Twice as much, twice as nice, for the same price. Free!

    It seems the tracks are uploaded twice. Not a problem at all, but it explains why the tracks felt rather lengthy… because it is such nice music, I only discovered it after the third time playing…. 😀 (MonoKrak is the work medicin ❤ )

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