I can’t shit because I’m a tree. – demo 1

artist: I can’t shit because I’m a tree.
title: demo 1
keywords: punk demo emo folk punk shit-mo shitter-songwriter singer-songwriter Rotterdam
reviewer: Simon Hit

I can’t shit because I’m a tree is apparently a certain singing and guitar playing character named Henry. And this ‘demo’ is a collection of songs he is embarrassed about, but yet not embarrassed enough not to upload them on the internet for our disposal. The songs aren’t that bad, or well… Let’s say how he delivers them isn’t bad; you can hear Henry as ‘I can’t shit because I’m a tree’ clearly making an effort to get something out that is passionate. He sings a bit weird, like a folk singer who had been living for a long time on a diet of gin and cat food. He is half flipping out, half moaning, half sweet, half like a garden gnome trying to express feelings.

His voice sounds very young, and when he drops the whole Irish pub theme in his voice while singing ‘Party Moral’ he shows his crystal clean version & it’s as if it’s a young girls voice: Very smooth and sweet. it made me double check if it was not a featured track by someone else, but no; I can’t shit because I’m a tree’ is simply able to switch his voice & if he would be able to produce two at the same time, he could do a duet with himself.

On most of the tracks he pushes his voice through a grinder, half crying and half passionate sounding without a obvious moral limiter to control the expressions. Maybe It’s just easy to clarify as Henry never claims to be human, so he might indeed be an actual tree and because he really needs to do a shit, but can’t because he is a tree; his voice is making all these weird expressions to make up for the lack of ability to drop some poop.

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